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All Metal Folding Chair

The office furniture you display is a symbol of your professionalism. It shouldn't be too over the top, but it should boast a sense of elegance, which is why this all metal folding chair should be a part of your office furniture set. This folding chair not only enhances the look of your workstation, but also adds to the amount of storage space available thanks to its compact size. With the extra storage at your disposal, this all metal folding chair is a must-have piece of office furniture. The fact that this chair is entirely made of metal makes it extremely versatile. The best part is that despite being all metal, this chair is unbelievably comfortable! It is very lightweight, which means you can easily move it around, and also fold it when you need to make more space around your work area. This chair is available in your choice of five great color options, so it can be matched to any existing decor.