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Designer Guest Chair

It often becomes difficult to find high quality furniture that meshes well with the decor of your office. This is especially true when you are looking to furnish the visiting area of your office. Our designer guest chairs can solve this problem for you. Available in your choice of four upholstery colors and four frame colors, this soothing chair offers just the right amalgamation of sophistication and style: perfect for your waiting room furniture. Allowing you to relax as you rest against the soft padded back, and providing excellent support and balance with durable arms made of solid wood, these chairs are short on nothing. Style, comfort, and quality, all the factors that are responsible for creating the perfect office furniture, are combined in this guest chair. Further proving its worth as the ideal office furniture, this aesthetically pleasing chair also offers high health care value. Not only does your posture remain correct, this designer guest chair also ensures efficient blood circulation.

Designer Bench

Give your reception area, waiting room, or common area a traditional yet refreshing look with this designer bench from OfficeSource's Chelsea Collection. Our designer benches offer a fully upholstered seat with a wooden frame that is available in your choice of four color options. Having multiple color options gives you the ability to match almost any existing decor you may have. Our Chelsea Collection also has designer guest chairs, as well as a designer half arm, available to you to complete your desired office look.

Guest Chair with Mahogany Frame

Give your office a touch of elegance with this traditional style guest chair from OfficeSource. This Spencer Collection guest chair combines the warmth of wood and contemporary styling in this timeless design. This guest chair offers a luxurious seating option to enhance your waiting room or office. Let your guests enjoy the comfort of a cushioned seat and back upholstered in black vinyl. With an elegant mahogany finish on all wood components, this superior chair will satisfy all of your office aesthetic needs. The comfort, elegance and style of this chair will last for years to come.

Guest Chair

This guest chair from OfficeSource is a premium quality addition to any office workspace. Combining both elegant aesthetics and comfort, you can have something pleasing to the eye that is a joy for guests to experience. This chair comes with a high quality black faux leather upholstery, and has tufted cushion seating for added comfort. As part of the Millennial Collection, this chair also comes fully Greenguard certified. This means that you can be sure it meets current industry standards on chemical emissions, keeping your workforce and workplace safe.

Corner Chair

This corner chair from OfficeSource provides you with the perfect way to utilize that unused space in the workplace! Not only can you maximize your efficiency by incorporating this chair into your reception area, you can also introduce an added level of sophistication with the high quality black faux leather upholstery. You can be assured of comfort, thanks to the tufted cushion seating this chair provides. As part of the Millennial Collection, this chair also comes fully Greenguard certified. This means that you can be sure it meets current industry standards on chemical emissions, keeping your workforce and workplace safe. You'll be hard pressed to find a corner chair that offers such quality and value anywhere else.


Not all office seating needs to be a traditionally styled chair; sometimes you want to break free from the norm, and show the individual flair of your business. This ottoman, from the Millennial Collection by OfficeSource, is just what you need! Upholstered in a sumptuous black faux leather, and with a tufted cushion top, comfort and style are combined effortlessly. The silver accented base offers a contemporary feel that professionals will appreciate. This ottoman is also fully Greenguard certified, which means that you can be sure it meets current industry standards on chemical emissions, keeping your workforce and workplace safe.

Armless Chair with Power Outlet

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how comfortable this black faux leather seating from Millennial Series reception furniture can feel. It is perfect for small spaces as you can set them based on available area. Made using only premium materials, this armless chair is built on a solid metal silver frame that gives it more durability and makes it extremely dependable. The silver accent base completes the look by adding a contemporary feel. This chair is upholstered with high-quality faux leather material as its upholstery, which features an elegant but simple solid color pattern in accordance with the modern style of the chair.

Armless Chair

This armless chair, from the Millennial Collection by OfficeSource, offers a contemporary feel with unmatched comfort. Featuring a black faux leather upholstery combined with a silver accent base, this is the best piece of office furniture you could have in your reception area if you want to present a sleek look to both visitors and employees alike. Not only does it have tufted cushion seating for extra comfort, but it is also fully Greenguard certified. This means that you can be sure it meets current industry standards on chemical emissions, keeping your workforce and workplace safe.

All Wood Guest Chair with Hole in Back and Light Wood Base

The break room is the heart of any organization. If you want to keep your employees happy and well-relaxed you'll want to ensure that the break room enables and encourages them to unwind. The office chairs they sit on are an integral part of this relaxation and unwinding. This wood guest chair and its inventive design is endlessly functional. Made of bentwood, it is lightweight and completely conforms to the sitter's back, ensuring maximum comfort levels. Its wooden appearance gives it a classy edge over other wood stack chairs, yet this chair remains light enough to comfortably move around. This piece of office furniture is the perfect way to spruce up your break room.

Guest Arm Chair with Black Frame

If you want to offer your guests a comfortable seat while they wait for meetings, look no further than this guest chair from the Tate Collection by OfficeSource. This black polyurethane upholstered chair has a sleek appearance. The simplistic yet contemporary design of this guest chair and the spacious seats will make your guests sit with ease without getting tired. The armrests are located at a comfortable position to provide support. These chairs are extremely durable, and easy to maintain and clean.

All Wood Guest Chair with Light Wood Base

As a professional you always want your customers to find you well organized and efficient. Form a great impression by investing in this exquisite wood guest chair with a light wood base from our Bleecker Street Cafe Seating Collection. It has a very elegant design that will improve your office's professional appearance. This wood guest chair offers you a wide and comfortable seat. The flow from the wooden seat to the wooden legs is extremely appealing to the eye, and it casts a great impression on anyone who sees this professional office chair. If you want optimum levels of comfort and great aesthetics for your office, this wood guest chair with light wood base is truly a great piece of office furniture!

Designer Half Arm

OfficeSource has added a new designer half arm that is perfect for combining 1700 designer guest chairs into one unit. Available in four finish colors, this half arm adds just the right amount of sophistication to your waiting room. The addition of this arm can lead to long term comfort, making your guests' wait even more enjoyable. Adding this aesthetically pleasing half arm to your existing 1700 guest chair from the Dover Collection will create the perfect atmosphere.

Hospitality seating office furniture is a category that embodies the fusion of comfort, style, and functionality, tailored for the dynamic needs of collaborative and client-focused work environments. These furnishings are designed to create inviting spaces where employees and guests can engage in productive discussions, brainstorm ideas, or simply relax in a welcoming atmosphere. Featuring an array of options such as lounge chairs, sofas, and modular seating arrangements, hospitality seating adds a touch of elegance and warmth to office settings. Its versatility allows for the creation of cozy corners for informal meetings or breakout areas that encourage impromptu collaborations. Moreover, the upholstery choices, including fabric, leather, and other high-quality materials, enable businesses to customize their furniture to align with their brand image and interior design. In summary, hospitality seating office furniture goes beyond the conventional office setup, fostering a sense of comfort and conviviality that can elevate the workplace experience and leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.


What types of hospitality seating options does Glenwood Office Furniture offer?

Our hospitality seating collection includes a diverse range of chairs designed for comfortable and stylish use in hospitality settings. Explore our product categories to discover seating options suitable for various environments.

How do I choose the right hospitality chair for my venue or establishment?

Consider factors such as design, durability, and the overall ambiance you want to create. Detailed information is provided on each product page to help you make an informed decision. For specific inquiries, our customer support team is here to assist.

Are the hospitality chairs customizable to match the décor of my establishment?

Yes, we offer customization options for certain hospitality chairs. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements for matching colors, fabrics, or other design elements.

What materials are used in the construction of hospitality seating products?

Our hospitality chairs are crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort. Find detailed information about the materials used on each product page.

Can I purchase hospitality seating in bulk for my restaurant, hotel, or event space?

Certainly! We offer competitive pricing and discounts for bulk orders. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements, and they will provide you with a personalized quote.

Are the hospitality chairs easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, care instructions are typically included with your purchase. For general care, regular cleaning and following the provided guidelines will help maintain the longevity and appearance of your hospitality chairs.

What is the return policy for hospitality seating products?

Our return policy is outlined on the Returns and Exchanges page. Review this information to understand the return process, eligibility criteria, and any associated fees.

How can I contact customer support if I have more questions about hospitality seating?

Contact our customer support team through the Contact Us page on our website. We’re here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns related to our hospitality seating products.