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PanelMate® Dry-Erase Markerboard (Qty. 6)

The PanelMate® Dry-Erase Markerboard is an office message board that fits panels up to 3 ¼" thick, featuring a 11 x 14" melamine marker board with tray. The epoxy finish and welded steel construction is built for long-lasting durability. Fasten the office message board with the universal mounting system, which adjusts up to 18" from the top of the panel. Packed 6 per carton.

PanelMate® Triple File Basket (Qty. 6)

The PanelMate® Triple File Basket is an office file sorter that fits panels up to 3 ¼" thick with filing baskets that measure 4 ¾" at top, 1 ¾" at bottom. The epoxy finish and welded steel construction is built to last. Fasten the PanelMate® File Basket with the universal mounting system . Packed 6 per carton.

Revolutionizing Office Spaces: The Unmatched Versatility of Panel Mates

In the ever-evolving landscape of office furniture and design, Panel Mates have emerged as a revolutionary solution, redefining the way we perceive and utilize workspace environments. These innovative accessories seamlessly integrate with existing panel systems, providing unmatched versatility and functionality for modern offices.

Maximizing Workspace Efficiency

Panel Mates are designed to maximize the efficiency of office spaces by offering smart solutions for organization and storage. With an array of attachable accessories such as shelves, document holders, and utility trays, these additions optimize the utilization of panel systems, transforming them into dynamic, organized workstations.

Customizable Configurations for Tailored Solutions

One of the standout features of Panel Mates is their adaptability. They allow for highly customizable configurations, empowering organizations to tailor their office setups according to specific team requirements. Whether it’s creating collaborative spaces or providing additional storage for individual workstations, Panel Mates offer a solution for every need.

Enhanced Employee Productivity

A clutter-free and well-organized workspace is a key factor in promoting employee productivity. Panel Mates contribute to this by providing designated spaces for tools, documents, and personal items. By reducing visual clutter and keeping essential items within arm’s reach, employees can focus more effectively on their tasks, leading to increased productivity.

Ergonomic Advancements for Employee Well-being

Promoting employee well-being is a priority for modern workplaces, and Panel Mates address this by incorporating ergonomic features. Adjustable shelves and holders ensure that employees can set up their workstations in a way that supports proper posture and comfort, reducing the risk of strain and fatigue associated with long hours at the desk.

Streamlined Aesthetics and Brand Consistency

Beyond functionality, Panelmates contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the office environment. With sleek and modern designs, these accessories not only enhance the visual appeal of panel systems but also contribute to a consistent and branded look across the office. This attention to detail reinforces a professional and cohesive workplace atmosphere.

Easy Installation and Adaptability

Panel Mates are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Their easy installation allows for quick adaptations to changing office needs. As teams evolve and office layouts transform, Panel Mates can be effortlessly rearranged to accommodate these changes, ensuring a workspace that grows and adapts with the organization.