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Desk Mount Power

This desk mount power module mounts above or below work surfaces, ideal for desk top application. Coming in both white and our new black color, this power module will be a neutral power addition to your space. With two power outlets, two USB ports, a 4' power cord and three mounts, this module will keep you juiced up for long hours at the office.

Mobile Power Tower

Have convenient access to power within any collaborative workspace, with this sleek and versatile four sided mobile power tower from OfficeSource. This power tower has two electrical outlets as well as 2 USB ports on each side, making it perfect for multiple users to be connected at the same time. This mobile power tower is ideal for laptops and tablets in your workspace, as it is easily mobile on its heavy duty casters. This power tower is available in a sleek silver color that will look great in any office setting. This power tower also comes with a 14' power cord so you no longer have to worry about extension cords being a hazard.

Cell Phone Charger

Phone charging docks can be annoying and unsightly when in an office setting. That's what makes this cell phone charger from OfficeSource perfect for you. Since it is built into your desk, you no longer have to work about those pesky wires getting in the way. This cell phone charger is wireless and fits all OS Laminate grommets. This charger includes an apple adapter, and is ready to go for convenient use!

Table Mountable Power Module

While your work gadgets make your tasks easier for you, they often require a power source. This makes this table mountable power module from OfficeSource an irreplaceable piece of corporate office equipment. In addition to being table mountable, this premium quality power module ensures practicability. This power module reduces clutter and saves space, which otherwise would have been used up due to extensions and wires. This module provides direct access to power, thereby making work easier for you. It can be mounted above or below your workstation, as per your convenience.

Hidden Power Center

Among the many problems faced at the office, a major one is related to power issues. Finding an outlet to connect to when the battery of one of your gadgets is dying and you have to send an important file often becomes crucial. This hidden power center from OfficeSource is created to solve your never-ending power problems. This hidden power center comes with an 8' power cord, 3 power outlets and 2 USB chargers. Available in black color, this hidden power center ensures that a power source is available to you at all times.

Power Bar

The Power Bar is perfect for everyone at the workstation to plug in desk lamps or laptops. The ample number of plugs ensures there is enough power for everyone. It comes in a white finish and fits onto the Workstation in the Workstation Collection.

For Power Bar

The Power Bar is perfect for everyone at the workstation to plug in desk lamps or laptops. The ample number of plugs ensures there is enough power for everyone. It comes in a white finish and fits onto the Workstation in the Workstation Collection.

Data Jack

A data jack is one piece of office equipment that you may need to both create a reliable telephone system and enjoy a high-speed internet connection in your office. This data jack acts like a hardware interface between the building's phone wiring and your phones. It is fixed to the baseboard or the wall. In addition to phone systems, this jack also forms a useful part of the dial up systems in offices to connect to the internet. With this data jack installed, you can get internet access and perform work over the web smoothly and efficiently.

Receptacle Removal Tool

Whether there is a problem with the receptacle that you have installed, or you want to install a new receptacle because you accidentally integrated the wrong receptacle, you can use this office equipment from our modular electric system. This is a high quality and easy to use receptacle removal tool that allows users to smoothly, efficiently and quickly remove an unwanted receptacle from the power block without any hassle. With this tool, you can remove a receptacle and replace it with another, ensuring a smooth power supply around your office with minimal downtime. This receptacle removal tool from our Modular Electric System collection is available and in stock. If you're struggling to remove a damaged or wrong receptacle from your power block, order this tool now.

Base Feed – 6′

If you are looking for effective office equipment for wire and cable management, then this 6' base feed is an ideal investment. The durable construction of the feed provides a strong cable support. Power your office with the innovatively designed items in this Modular Electric System collection. Apart from an attractive design, this base feed also meets the electrical codes and parameters for commercial installations. If you want durable electrical system support parts, then this base feed, along with the other accessories in the Modular Electric System collection, will ensure that your power requirements are fulfilled. Determine the power requirements and exact electrical configurations for your office before ordering this base feed.

Extra Long Base Feed – 12′

Searching for electrical cable assembly parts for your office? This 12' base feed will serve as a highly functional cable support. This high-quality and attractive 12' extra long base feed assembly ensures that the flat power parameters and electrical codes are met for installations in commercial buildings. Affordability, simplistic installations, and durable and efficient electrical constructions are some of any business's most sought after features. Determine the configurations and load requirements for your workplace before making an order for placement.

Receptacle 4

Are you searching for parts for your electrical cable assemblies? Electrical modular office furniture accessories ought to be extremely durable, to ensure that the flow of power is seamless with zero outages. Investing in this receptacle will ensure that you meet the electrical load requirements of your office while reducing the chances of electrical faults. This receptacle has been specially designed to function appropriately in robust commercial environments. Identify the number of receptacles per power block, and order the quantity you need in bulk.