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Revitalize your office space with the sustainable elegance of pre-owned office seating—a choice that combines comfort, affordability, and a touch of history. These carefully curated chairs, having graced previous workspaces, bring a unique character to your office while promoting eco-friendly practices. Picture a collaborative workspace adorned with a variety of pre-owned office chairs, each telling a silent tale of productivity and innovation. From ergonomic task chairs that provide optimal support to stylish conference chairs that invite discussion, the world of pre-owned seating offers a diverse range to suit every taste. Embrace the eco-conscious trend, where choosing pre-owned seating not only adds a touch of charm to your office but also contributes to a more sustainable future. Each chair becomes a seat of stories, blending functionality with a sense of heritage, making your office a space that values both comfort and responsible consumption. In the realm of pre-owned office seating, affordability meets character, creating a workspace that reflects both practicality and environmental mindfulness.


What measures are taken to ensure the cleanliness of pre-owned/Used seating?

We prioritize your health and satisfaction. Therefore, we thoroughly clean and sanitize all pre-owned/Used seating before making it available for sale.

Is delivery available for pre-owned/Used seating purchases?

Yes, we offer delivery services for pre-owned/Used seating purchases. Delivery fees and options will be provided during the checkout process, or you can inquire with our sales team for more details.

What is the return policy for pre-owned/Used seating?

Our return policy for pre-owned/Used seating is outlined on the Returns and Exchanges page. Review this information to understand the return process, eligibility criteria, and any associated fees.

How can I contact customer support if I have more questions about pre-owned/Used seating?

Reach out to our customer support team through the Contact Us page on our website. We’re here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns related to our pre-owned/Used seating.

What types of pre-owned/Used seating does Glenwood Office Furniture offer?

Our pre-owned/Used seating collection encompasses a variety of chairs, sofas, and seating solutions suitable for different office environments. Explore our product categories to find high-quality, gently used seating options.

Can I view the pre-owned/Used seating in person before making a purchase?

Yes, we encourage customers to visit our showroom to view and assess the pre-owned/Used seating in person. Contact our sales team to schedule a visit or inquire about specific seating options you are interested in.

Are there customization options for pre-owned/Used seating?

Customization options may be available for certain pre-owned/Used seating items. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements, and they will provide information on available customization options.

With the fastest lead time in industry, SitOnit Seating offers high-quality seating that combines award-winning design with intelligent ergonomics. From healthcare to higher education, we’ve been the go-to destination for built-to-order seating since 1996.

Born and bred in California, all of our key collections are designed in-house and rigorously tested for quality control, strength and durability. We make customization easy – Our user-friently ChairBuilder tools lets you design your dream chair with just a few clicks. With chairs, sofas and stools for every desk, spac and environment, the possibilities are endless.

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ProductPre-owned Guest chairs
ManufacturerSit On It
Model# 5652.A130.US.FG4.G5.B1.MC1.AC
FabricMaharam: Milestone “Ebony” (s)
Base trimSilver
Qty available100