Glenwood Office Furniture Products

Power Bench


PowerBench optimizes space while fostering collaboration among employees thanks to its simple and succinct kit of parts. Whether teams are working side-by-side or individuals are focused on the tasks of the day, the efficient footprint of PowerBench provides all the essentials needed today. The proven spine power utilized in PowerBench delivers power effortlessly to users without disrupting workflow. Its laminate, enclosed base conceals the height adjustable legs, creating an upscale and quiet design.

In the ever-evolving landscape of office furniture, the Power Bench stands out as a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic work environment. This innovative piece of office furniture seamlessly combines functionality, connectivity, and style to create a power-packed workstation that caters to the needs of the modern workforce.

At its core, the Power Bench is a versatile and adaptable desk system that integrates power and data connectivity directly into the workspace. Gone are the days of searching for accessible outlets or dealing with tangled cords. With strategically placed power outlets, USB ports, and data connections, the Power Bench ensures that technology is seamlessly integrated into the workflow, promoting efficiency and productivity.

Ergonomics take center stage with the Power Bench, offering height-adjustable surfaces that cater to individual preferences and promote a healthy and comfortable work environment. The customizable design allows for a range of configurations, from individual workstations to collaborative benching setups, accommodating different office layouts and team structures.

In addition to its practical features, the Power Bench boasts a contemporary and sleek aesthetic, elevating the overall look and feel of the office space. The use of high-quality materials and finishes ensures durability and longevity, making it a wise investment for businesses looking to create a modern and professional workspace.

Collaboration is facilitated through thoughtful design, with shared work surfaces and optional privacy screens that strike the perfect balance between teamwork and individual focus. The Power Bench is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a dynamic tool that empowers employees to work efficiently and adapt to the evolving nature of the modern workplace.

The Power Bench redefines the standard for office furniture by seamlessly integrating power, connectivity, and ergonomic design. This innovative solution is poised to become a cornerstone in creating agile and contemporary workspaces that inspire productivity and collaboration.

  • Enclosed Laminate Base Support
  • 2 stage Height Adjustable Table
    • Height Adjustment Range (no top): 26.26” – 45.94”
    • Worksurface Depths: 22 & 28” or 23 & 29”
    • Worksurface Widths: 46 – 82”, 6” increments
  • 4 circuit power at 29” High
  • Power from ceiling, floor or wall
  • Supports double or single-sided applications
  • Power Cord Tray beam attachment optional
  • Available in all AIS laminates
  • Table legs available in black, metallic silver and white. Beam available in all paints.