Welcome to our Glenwood Office Furniture

Office Furniture Project Management

If your office is relocating, or remodeling or you’re a new office that needs furniture, you can rely on the team of Glenwood Office Furniture to handle everything to make your office move/setup smooth and stress-free

Our project management services include everything from planning nationwide deliveries, designing an office layout to setting up your new office furniture. We understand you are busy running your business so we work quickly and efficiently to ensure you do not lose any business due to the move.

  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Installation / Reconfiguration
  • Relocation/Move
  • Management
  • Secure Warehousing
  • Financing Solutions
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Welcome to our Glenwood Office Furniture

Project Management Benefits

We manage all the aspects of your workplace transformation project or work under your project manager just to handle the moving and installation stages.

Pick the best service plan for your organization or project. Contact Glenwood Office Furniture today for a free project proposal and cost estimate.

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Welcome to our Glenwood Office Furniture

Dedicated Project Management Service

There is a fine art to successful project management. Planning and efficiency are key to keeping any complex project on schedule, on budget and hassle-free.

But projects that involve the moving and installation of office furniture present some distinct challenges. We know because we’ve had more than a decade of experience in managing complex projects for various sizes of organizations.

Along the way, we developed “efficiency steps” that our project managers use to ensure your office relocation and workplace reconfiguration are cost-effective and with minimal downtime for on-site employees.

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