Glenwood Office Furniture Products


  • Electrical and data cabling holes every 8″ in height
  • True unimpeded electrical topcap channel
  • Electrical and data can be consolidated into one power tile
  • Off modular capabilities
  • Can be coupled with Calibrate components and accessories

Matrix creates sophisticated, flexible work spaces that withstand the test of time. Offering robust electrical capabilities, this full frame and tile system allows power and data to run every 8″ in height. Matrix can construct any configuration, including open plan, private offices, reception areas, conference rooms and more. Coupled with Calibrate components and accessories, work areas become collaborative and modern with a twist of elegance.

Meet Matrix, the epitome of sophistication and functionality in the realm of office furniture. Designed to cater to the evolving needs of the contemporary workplace, Matrix transcends traditional office setups with its innovative features and aesthetically pleasing design.

At its core, Matrix is a comprehensive office furniture system that combines versatility with a sleek and modern aesthetic. Matrix workstations are modular and customizable, allowing organizations to create tailored solutions that align seamlessly with their unique workflow and spatial requirements. The adaptability of Matrix ensures that it can accommodate diverse office layouts, from open collaborative spaces to individual workstations.

Connectivity is a key focus of Matrix, offering integrated power and data solutions to meet the technological demands of today’s workplace. Smartly designed work surfaces incorporate power outlets, USB ports, and cable management systems, creating a tidy and efficient workspace. This not only enhances productivity by eliminating cable clutter but also reflects a commitment to a technologically advanced and organized office environment.

Ergonomics takes center stage with Matrix, featuring adjustable work surfaces and ergonomic seating options. The emphasis on employee well-being contributes to a comfortable and supportive work environment, promoting health and productivity. Matrix recognizes the importance of providing a workspace that adapts to the needs of the individual, enhancing both focus and collaboration.

Matrix goes beyond functionality, incorporating a contemporary design that elevates the overall aesthetic of the office space. The clean lines, premium materials, and modern finishes contribute to a professional and stylish ambiance. This attention to design details ensures that Matrix not only meets the practical needs of a workspace but also enhances its visual appeal.

Matrix stands as a pinnacle in office furniture design, seamlessly blending versatility, connectivity, ergonomics, and aesthetics. This innovative solution is poised to redefine modern workspaces, offering a sophisticated and adaptable platform that reflects the dynamic nature of the contemporary workplace.