Welcome to our Glenwood Office Furniture

Maintenance and Re-Furbishment

Glenwood Office Furniture offers furniture maintenance and furniture refurbishment services. Office furniture should be cleaned just like your home furniture.

Furniture maintenance can include anything from cleaning to repairs. By allowing our team to clean your office furniture weekly, bimonthly or monthly, that cuts down on germs and dust to ensure your employees stay healthy and show up for work daily. If a piece of equipment is broken, be assured that our team will come to your office to fix the equipment to get in working order. We can reupholster chairs and also refinish wood pieces to look new again.

  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Mobile Repair & Cleaning
  • Panel and Seating Upholstery
  • Wood Refinishing

Welcome to our Glenwood Office Furniture

Glenwood Special Benefits

Quality wood furniture is a significant investment expected to last for generations. To maintain its beauty and help it last, wood furniture needs the right care. Hooker Furniture products are finished with two to three coats of lacquer for extra depth and long-lasting durability. The sheen, or gloss, of the finish ranges from high to low, depending on the piece or collection. The finish protects the wood and adds to its beauty. No finish is totally indestructible. But with regular care, the finish will last much longer, providing years of enjoyment to you.

Welcome to our Glenwood Office Furniture


  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, as sunlight causes fading.
  • Avoid extreme changes in temperature by arranging furniture away from radiators, heat and air vents, and air conditioning units.
  • Avoid placing plastic or rubber materials (lamp bases, notebooks, placemats, etc.) on your office furniture, as certain plastics contain ingredients that may damage the finish.
  • Periodically rotate accessories on furniture so they do not sit in the same spot all the time.
  • Use pads, cloth or felt to protect the furniture surface from plastic, rubber, hot dishes, beverages, bookends, flowerpots, and vases.
  • Clean up spills immediately. Use a blotting rather than a wiping action. Water left over a long period of time will cause white spots in the finish. Alcohol, perfume, after-shave, and medications can cause severe finish damage.
  • Use a protective pad when writing with a ballpoint pen on the furniture surface.
  • Lift and place objects rather than dragging them across the furniture surface.
  • Avoid placing furniture directly under windows.