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Home Office Furniture Upgrades you need

According to a recent study, one in every five Americans (across New York, New Jersey, California and so on) work from home at least part time. The numbers have seen a significant growth due to COVID-19. This shift in more home-based employees also means the increasing need of at-home office spaces and furniture in spare areas or rooms in their homes.

The home-based work environments can become crowded, disorganized, and ultimately cause a stressful workspace, if not properly designed, set up or upgraded. Keeping your needs in mind, we have put in our best efforts to create this guide which includes work desks, office chairs and light solutions.  

A comfortable chair: A warm gesture of love for your back

It has been rightly observed that life is all about chasing the most coveted chair and we bring you a chair that is a signature statement in comfort, style and elegance.  The suitable chair not only salutes your status but caters to your comfort quotient. The chair that ensures correct posture enhances your work efficiency and you work tirelessly, clocking in more hours with ease.  

Glenwood Office Furniture is synonymous with providing customized chairs which are gentle on the body contours as well as lend panache to the ambience. Twisting, swivelling, leaning backward or forward the chairs support your back in all your movements.

Executive High Back Chair with Silver Frame

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Executive High Back Chair with Silver Frame

Your search for a chair that defines you and compliments your style beside being your health partner ends here with Glenwood Office Furniture.

We invite you to explore our gallery. Have a look!

Height-adjustable and ergonomically designed office desk as you have your entire day with it

If you are experiencing back aches from sitting at your desk all day, it’s time for the curtains to fall on the desks which are an eye sore and strain the back. We provide a curtain raiser to a range of desks which are user friendly.

Going the comfort way you can reduce the wrist strain, increase your comfort level and ultimately keep you stay focused on the task at hand. Thinking which one to go for? We have narrowed down your search. At Glenwood you can expect anything from a height adjustable desk to a one easily mobile yet stable desks and anything in-between.

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Unite Leg Base

The Unite Leg Base office desk helps you to meet your business needs. This exclusive design is from Variant Collection, by OfficeSource. It is a perfect blend of comfort, style and function.

Choose from a wide range of desks and pep up your work life while sitting at the comfort of your home!

A good light to keep everything right

A good and sufficient light is the hallmark of a happy and productive work environment. Poor lightning at work can lead to eye strain, fatigue, headaches, stress and accidents.

If you too have been battling with the same problem, upgrading to LED light tubes is a great idea. It will not only curb the problem and but also save money  as LEDs use much less energy and last longer. You can buy the right to improve your motivation and productivity.

This is our take on the LED lights!

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Energy Efficient Fluorescent Compact Task Light with Dimmer

We are pleased to present to you this energy efficient and durable fluorescent compact task light with dimmer by OfficeSource. It provides the perfect office lighting solution for you. Due to its crisp and bright form of artificial light, it is less strenuous on the eyes.

Check-out the exclusive lighting collection here!

It’s time to make your Home Office…Well, Yours!!

Your home office is that place where you can focus on the tasks that need to be well taken care of. A perfect home office desk, well designed office chair, the right desk light and you are good to start. So now, by making it easier to tackle those to-do’s, you’ll have more time to spend on your wanna-do’s.

Browse through our exclusive collection of home office furniture or get in touch with our experts today!