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Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

According to a research approximately 25 to 35 per cent of American adults have a sedentary lifestyle. Between 9 to 5 jobs, company meetings, desk work, we spend most of our hours sitting down. For an average working person, more than half of the day is spent sitting. The health consequences of a sedentary behavior are devastating and can lead to a cascade of health problems.

Keeping this in mind, it is essential to integrate movement into your office routine and get away with the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Besides improving the blood circulation these occasional shifts keep the mind alert and prevent the health repercussions of a sitting-bound workday routine.

Check-out the amazing health benefits you experience from using height adjustable desks. They’ll surely make you wonder how you ever worked without one.

Reduce Back-pain

One of the most common problems among office workers is backaches and pain. It is due to physical and psychological stress that such problems develop. Standing Desks have emerged as the perfect solution to get rid over this problem.

These adjustable desks have greatly helped the employees suffering with chronic back pain. According to a study by Centers of Disease Control standing desks reduce upper and lower back pain by 54 per cent in just a matter of 28 days as a result of the “Take A Stand Project“– an initiative to reduce prolonged sitting time and improve overall health of sedentary workers.

Increase Productivity

Productivity helps motivate the workplace culture.  Besides the numerous health benefits, standing desks can greatly help boost the mood and productivity. Standing helps in improving the blood circulation, the increased blood flow to the brain helps you complete tasks more efficiently.

Studies suggest, 87% employee using standing desks reported feeling more energetic as a result of standing more during workday. Also, a power lift desk will help you not lose time in completing those urgent projects.

Prevent Unhealthy Weight Gain

Keeping the mind and fingers busy typing doesn’t do any favour to the body with respect to calorie burning. Being seated all day will only add up to your weight.

Standing requires 20% more energy than sitting; however standing will burn 12% more calories than sitting. The small difference may not seem significant but can add up if you consider how it accumulates over a week, month or an year.

Help to keep blood sugar level in control

Your body needs energy to digest food. Sitting immediately having your meal can have a bad impact on your body. In a study on office employees who worked while standing for three hours after lunch the blood sugar increase was reduced by 43% in comparison to remain seated.

Additionally, in another study it was found that alternate transition to sitting and standing helped reduce blood sugar levels by 11%.Meanwhile the remaining seated after a meal, is known to increase the risk of developing type II diabetes by as much as 112 percent.

Glenwood’s Height Adjustable Desks

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