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DIVI With Linear Systems


Divi can take your office to new heights for less.From open plan to private Office workspaces, Divi can bring your vision to life. Offering panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass and stack configurations, virtually any aesthetic can be achieved. Its universal hinge connection system makes it one of the simplest and fastest systems to install.

Enter the future of office design with DIVI featuring Linear Systems, a groundbreaking approach to office furniture that seamlessly combines aesthetics, functionality, and adaptability. DIVI, renowned for its versatility, meets the next level with the integration of Linear Systems, offering a tailored solution to the ever-changing needs of the modern workplace.

At its core, DIVI is designed to provide a modular and customizable workspace, and the incorporation of Linear Systems takes this flexibility to new heights. The linear configuration allows for a fluid and adaptive layout, accommodating various office setups, from open collaboration spaces to private workstations. This dynamic integration empowers organizations to create a workspace that aligns precisely with their workflow and organizational culture.

Linear Systems within DIVI prioritize connectivity and cable management, ensuring a clean and organized workspace. Power outlets, data ports, and technology integration are seamlessly embedded into the linear framework, promoting efficiency and eliminating the hassle of tangled cords. This results in a clutter-free environment that fosters productivity and supports the technological demands of a contemporary office.

The ergonomic design of DIVI with Linear Systems emphasizes employee well-being, offering height-adjustable work surfaces and comfortable seating options. This commitment to ergonomics not only enhances the overall workplace experience but also contributes to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

Collaboration is at the forefront of DIVI with Linear Systems, as it creates a harmonious balance between open workspaces and individual privacy. The linear configuration allows for efficient space utilization, fostering teamwork while still providing areas for focused tasks. The aesthetic appeal of DIVI remains intact, with the linear design adding a touch of modern sophistication to any office setting.

DIVI With Linear Systems represents a leap forward in office furniture, seamlessly integrating flexibility, connectivity, and ergonomic design. This innovative solution is poised to redefine office spaces, offering a versatile platform that adapts to the evolving needs of the contemporary workplace, all while maintaining a stylish and professional appearance.

  • Panels in permanent monolithic, segmented, glass, and stack
  • Construct 60/120 or 45/135 degree environments with ease
  • Segmented insert panels provide the freedom to customize
  • Panel inserts are conveniently sold as pre-configured options
  • Quick and easy installation equals lower install cost for client
  • 6″ base raceway to meet electrical and data needs