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Create ultimate gaming experience with Gaming Chairs from Glenwood

With the schools closed and people confined indoors due to COVID, the gaming industry has seen a significant surge. According to the statistics, there is an increase in the sale of video games in the US by 35% as compared to the same time last year. It will not be wrong to say that games have emerged as a new found love in 2020. Besides adding a fun element to the day, games may even help improve our mental faculties.

If you are a gamer and passionate about gaming, surely we all are. It is pivotal to get the right gaming components. The perfect gaming equipment which comprises of the lights, gears, console, PCs and to top it all the gaming chair will help you play to your satisfaction and enhance your gaming experience. For many of us, the gaming chair is probably the last thing on our list.  But to make the gaming chair a priority that too from Glenwood, we enlist the features of our product.

High Back gaming Chair with back Frame

gaming charge - Create ultimate gaming experience with Gaming Chairs from Glenwood

This gaming chair has become an instant favourite of many. It is a highly comfortable, ergonomic chair which serves the dual purpose of  gaming as well as   studying. The chair features an adjustable back rest with 90 to 180 degree recline angle so that you can be in a comfortable position. Not only that its arm rest can easily move with the back as the chair reclines which ensures maximum comfort.

If we talk about its design the chair comes with premium quality leather and strong steel ensuring durability and stability. The chair allows you to adjust it according to your height and tilt in order to achieve the perfect fit. It implies you can experience comfort in your game, as your knees and back are well supported. You can sit on it for hours without straining your back.

With tons of features it makes for one of the best gaming chairs available in the US market.


  • Available in premium quality leather and strong steel
  • High padded Back rest
  • Winged Shoulder support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Padded seat
  • 180 Degree swivel make to move easy

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Add a style quotient to your gaming experience with our red and black high back chair which has all the above mentioned features with a lumbar support as an add-on.

Seated in the Glenwood gaming chair gear yourself for a stimulating high energy gaming experience with no headache or backache.