Glenwood Office Furniture Products

Calibrate Community


Community takes the Calibrate laminate family one step farther with a simple kit of parts that provides meaningful options for the open plan. Designed with the warmth of residential furniture and the efficiencies of panel systems, Calibrate Community sets clear boundaries for personal space, delineates team areas, and creates a sense of place. No matter how you define community, Calibrate Community has you covered.

    • Dimensioned for integration with Calibrate Series Products
    • Spine depths: 18, 24, 30, & 36″
    • Top of Spine heights: 21, 29, 42, & 46”
    • Community Lower Storage is available at 13” and 21” high to fit under and support 21” and 29” high spines
    • Stack-on Upper Storage Hutches available in many configurations and multiple heights and widths for total height when combined with spine up to 74″
    • Power runs through spine, with flip door access to keep cords out of sight (nonpowered spine also available)
    • 8 wire, 4 circuit power with ceiling feeds, base feeds, and end mount poles
    • Table options:
      • Cantilevered
      • Run-off (fixed or sliding)
      • Stacked Desk
      • Height Adjustable