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Aloft is a unique height-adjustable benching solution designed for a modern open space plan.With its sleek and flexible design, Aloft, provides unparalleled space planning choices. With its uncompromised strength and ergonomic function, this thoughtfully designed benching platform is engineered for the evolving workplace.

Aloft introduces a paradigm shift in office furniture with its unique height-adjustable benching solution, specially crafted for the dynamic requirements of modern open-space plans. As organizations increasingly embrace collaborative and flexible work environments, Aloft emerges as a versatile and innovative answer to the challenges posed by contemporary office design.

At the core of Aloft’s appeal is its height-adjustable functionality, offering a benching solution that effortlessly adapts to the preferences and needs of individual users. This feature not only caters to the diverse workstyles within a modern workforce but also contributes to creating a more ergonomic and health-conscious workspace. With the ability to transition seamlessly between sitting and standing positions, Aloft supports employee well-being by promoting movement and reducing the potential negative impacts of prolonged sitting.

Designed for the open-space plan, Aloft fosters a collaborative work culture. The benching configuration encourages spontaneous interactions and teamwork while still providing individual workstations for focused tasks. This balance between collaboration and concentration is essential in cultivating a dynamic and agile work environment.

Aloft doesn’t just stop at functionality; its aesthetic appeal adds a touch of modern sophistication to open office spaces. With clean lines, contemporary design, and premium finishes, Aloft seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetics of a modern workspace. The thoughtfully designed benching solution contributes not only to a productive but also a visually appealing work environment.

The adaptability and connectivity of Aloft further enhance its value in a modern workplace. Integrated power and data solutions ensure that technology seamlessly aligns with the workflow, allowing employees to stay connected and productive in today’s digitally driven work landscape.

Aloft stands as a symbol of innovation and adaptability in the realm of office furniture. Its height-adjustable benching solution redefines open-space plans, creating an environment that prioritizes collaboration, flexibility, and employee well-being, setting the stage for the future of modern workspaces.

  • Manufactured with high strength steel supports and cross braces
  • Electric motors and crank mechanisms exceed BIFMA cycle and strength standards
  • Available in single sided or double sided applications, with multiple fixed or height adjustable return surface options and worksurface shapes
  • Option available to specify fixed height columns in place of adjustable columns in the same product platform
  • Easy access to power and data