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Furniture Refurbishing Glenwood Office

One of our highly skilled technicians at work in the refurbishing shop at Glenwood Environments


We have a full refurbishing department in our facility staffed by highly trained technicians skilled in making any metal office furniture look its best in the color of your choice. We can touch-up any damaged painted surfaces or completely remake the appearance of your existing metal furniture with a new coat of paint in a new color. Existing systems panels, or used panels purchased from Glenwood Furniture can be sprayed to look like new at a fraction of the cost of replacement panels. Whether spraying to match existing furniture or fit the requirements of a new space, Glenwood is happy to work with your architects and designers in achieving the perfect look for your furniture.

Wood Touch-up and Repair:

Our facilities include a full wood refinishing shop with skilled operators to do the job beautifully. They carefully remove old finishes, buff out scratches, then apply the new finishes of your choice to produce exactly the look you desire. We specialize in revitalizing antique furnishings and restoring quality executive wood casegoods back to their original condition.


Whether you need to replace worn fabrics or are looking to refresh your furniture’s appearance, we will meet all your reupholstery needs. Our facilities include a full workshop with expert technicians ready to reupholster any office furniture product (including systems panels, seating and more) in textile or leather. As always, we will work with your architect or designer to get the look you want out of existing upholstered furniture or used furniture purchased from Glenwood Environments.